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Our Work

Business Design & Startup

    From conception of business idea to designing the business model to planning the startup, we will work with you every step of the way to help maximize increase your level and speed of success.

  • Identifying core competencies and business opportunity
  • Creating the business model for maximum growth and profitability
  • Developing Business Plans
  • Assistance with securing key partnerships, resources and even funding.

Divestitures & Strategic Alliances

    From establishing the strategy and criterion to identifying to negotiation we will help along each step of the way.

  • Guidance in establishing best strategy for growth or improved profitability
  • Defining criterion for targeting acquisitions or partnerships
  • Finding the best company to acquire or merge with
  • Identifying the best potential strategic partners
  • Negotiation partnerships, acquisitions, divestitures or mergers.

Corporate Development and Growth

  • Identifying potential options and strategies for your business
  • Developing Strategy and Plans for Corporate Development or Growth
  • Helping with International Expansion
  • Finding the best location for your business

Deal Structuring & Funding Guidance

  • Looking for funding or developing a new partnership is an exciting and important time to make sure you have the right considerations in place and that they support your corporate intent and goals. You will benefit from our added perspective and guidance in making sure you’re going it right.

Publicity & Public Relations

  • We’re here to help deal with sensitive issues that will impact your bottom line. From identifying the best approach and implementing the distribution and management of information through multiple channels to access stakeholder groups, we will help you face any situation. Our services also include helping with long-term relationship and brand development to support ongoing profitability and growth.

Project & Operational management

    Whether implementing special initiatives and projects or dealing with operational challenges our team of experienced talent will take some of the stress load off to increase fluidity and success of operations.

  • Managing existing operations to deal with human capital capacity issues
  • Designing initiatives and programs to boast market share, profitability or operations
  • Business Process Review to Identify areas of improvement
  • Implementation of operational solutions
  • Implementation of special initiatives and programs

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